Embracing Growth and Expansion with WeWire in 2024


January 11, 2024


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2023 - What a year!

At the beginning of last year, the WeWire team set lofty goals; we envisioned a world where businesses of all sizes could pay across borders to multiple countries and expand into new markets.

The year ended, and we hit milestones even more significant than our goals.

We grew our client base by over 400% working with businesses from across Ghana, Nigeria, Cameroon, Kenya, Tanzania, and beyond. We enabled payments for firms in diverse sectors, including oil and gas, tech, betting, import and export, and numerous others, enabling them to trade globally.

Our 2023 Milestones

We launched the WeWire web app, a Teams feature, and Corporate Virtual Cards to enable business teams to manage expenses and reliably pay for multiple digital subscriptions.

Every update we made at WeWire aimed to improve business operations for our users and give them a chance to play in the global market. Watching our users expand into new frontiers, make payments to vendors worldwide, build better partnerships, and trade globally using our product was a pleasure.

On our part, we made efforts to strengthen our brand. We moved into our new physical office in Accra, Ghana, attended the GITEX event in Morocco, exhibited at Techcabal’s Moonshot event in Nigeria, and sponsored the Africa Fintech Summit in Ghana.

In December, WeWire was recognized as the Largest B2B Tech Startup out of Ghana and won the Fintech of the Year award at the Ghana Innovation and Startup Awards - worthy accolades for a year of grit and relentless hard work.

A huge part of how we crossed these milestones is the WeWire team’s resilience. In 2023, we hired the top global talents and doubled our staff strength. Our commitment to fostering diversity and inclusivity remained unwavering, with our team comprising 40% women and an equal influx of new male and female members.

Our 2024 Plans

In 2024, the aim is to do more!

This year, WeWire is taking a new look. For our product infrastructure, we are excited about exploring new currency wallets, and virtual bank accounts. There is also the launch of our API service and mobile application in the works. Through every product iteration, we focus on giving our users access to a financial tool tailored to meet their payment needs across markets.

This year, we aim to 10x our growth while maintaining our product stability and delivering our brand promise. Hitting this goal will be a wild ride, but we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Our people and product infrastructure have gone through every stage of preparation for the exponential growth we want to see, and now it is GO season🚀🚀🚀!

To close, our work is valuable, and I am glad to have you on this journey as part of our success story.

Let’s cross more borders together.

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Introducing Wewire: The Revolutionary Multi-Currency Payment Platform Powering Global Trade

Wewire, a groundbreaking multi-currency payment platform, is set to launch its highly anticipated platform in beta version on June 19, 2023. Designed to meet the evolving needs of businesses engaged in international trade, Wewire empowers African enterprises to effortlessly conduct transactions across Africa and beyond, unlocking the true potential of borderless banking.

In today's interconnected world, businesses trading across national borders face numerous challenges when managing payments efficiently and securely. Wewire emerges as the game-changer in cross-border payments. It provides a seamless and robust platform that facilitates smooth cross-border transactions for companies operating and trading in Africa, America, Europe and Dubai.

"Our mission at Wewire is to revolutionize banking access for African businesses and the way businesses transact globally," said Eben Ghanney, Founder and CEO of Wewire. "We understand the struggles faced by SMEs operating in diverse regions, and we are excited to introduce a solution that eliminates the complexities and inefficiencies associated with cross-border payments. With Wewire, businesses can focus on what they do best – expanding their reach and driving growth."

Wewire offers a wide array of features tailored to the unique requirements of businesses engaged in international trade. Wewire enables businesses to conduct secure, fast, and cost-effective transactions in multiple currencies by leveraging state-of-the-art technology and competitive rates. The platform supports payments in African currencies, American dollars, and European euros, offering unparalleled flexibility and convenience to its users.

Key Features and Benefits of Wewire:

1. Borderless Transactions: Wewire empowers businesses to overcome geographical barriers by facilitating seamless transactions across Africa, America, and Europe.

2. Secure and Reliable: Built with cutting-edge security measures, Wewire protects every transaction, safeguarding businesses from potential risks and fraudulent activities.

3. Competitive Exchange Rates: Wewire partners with leading financial institutions to offer highly competitive exchange rates, ensuring that businesses receive maximum value for their money. Wewire helps companies optimize their profit margins.

4. Business Multi-Currency Wallets: With Wewire, businesses can create wallets to transact different currencies in different countries without creating bank accounts in these countries.

5. Streamlined Operations: Wewire simplifies the payment process, reducing business administrative burdens by granting access to banking statements and a team dashboard with centralized access.

To celebrate the beta launch, Wewire is offering an exclusive opportunity for businesses to join the platform and experience the future of cross-border payments firsthand. Participants will gain early access, benefit from premium customer support, and have the chance to provide valuable feedback to shape the platform's development.

Join the revolution in global trade with Wewire! To learn more about the platform and secure your spot in the beta launch, visit https://www.wewireafrica.com/ today.

About Wewire:

Launched in April 2021, Wewire is a multi-currency payment platform designed to empower businesses engaged in international trade. With its advanced features and strategic partnerships, Wewire unlocks borderless banking, making cross-border transactions seamless, secure, and cost-effective.

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How to Plan for Your UK Visit from Nigeria

Planning to Visit the United Kingdom from Nigeria? Here are things you must know to have a hitch-free trip.

Article Outline:

  • Introduction
  • Preparing for Your UK Visit
  • Applying for a UK Visa as a Nigerian
  • Paying for IHS Fees
  • Booking Flights to the UK
  • Current Payment Methods for International Travel and Their Drawbacks
  • Introducing Wirewire's Virtual Dollar Card
  • Why Choose Wirewire's Virtual Dollar Card?
  • Getting Started with Wirewire's Virtual Dollar Card
  • Conclusion


The United Kingdom is a great travel destination that attracts people globally who visit for different purposes such as tourism, education, etc. Planning a trip to the United Kingdom from Nigeria is exciting, but thinking about managing your finances for the journey can be challenging. Fortunately, with Wirewire's Virtual Dollar Card, you can simplify your payment needs and make the most of your UK experience. In this comprehensive guide, we'll walk you through the steps to plan your UK visit seamlessly using Wirewire's Virtual Dollar Card. We will also cover the visa application process, paying IHS fees, and booking flights to the UK.

Preparing for Your UK Visit

Before you start preparing for your travel, here are some things you can do to make your planning easy.

  • Consider converting your Naira to US dollars to load onto a dollar card provider like Wewire Africa’s Virtual Dollar card to make it easier to pay for the things you'd need before your trip.
  • Research the current exchange rates for better planning.
  • Create a budget for your UK visit, including accommodation, food, transportation, and activities.

Applying for a UK Visa as a Nigerian

Visa Application Process

  1. Visit the official UK government website to initiate your visa application.
  2. Complete the online application form, providing accurate information.
  3. Schedule an appointment at the Visa Application Center (VAC) for biometrics and document submission.
  4. Pay the visa application fee, which varies based on the type of visa you are applying for. Here. You must pay using a card that can process foreign currency transactions, such as the Wewire Africa virtual dollar card.

Paying for IHS Fees

If you’re going to be in the United Kingdom for an extended period, for example, traveling for your education there, you would need to get health insurance and pay for the Immigration Health Surcharge (IHS). Here's how to make the required payment

  • After your visa application is approved, you will receive instructions to pay the IHS fee.
  • Log in to the official UK government website to make the payment.
  • Use a trusted card provider like your Wirewire Virtual Dollar Card for a secure and convenient transaction.

Booking Flights to the UK

You'd need to book a flight after securing your visa and establishing travel dates.

  1. Use reliable online travel agencies or airline websites to search for flights to the UK.
  2. Compare prices, flight options, and airlines to find the best deals.
  3. Pay for your flight tickets using your Wirewire Virtual Dollar Card for a smooth and secure transaction.

Current Payment Methods for International Travel and Their Drawbacks

  • Traditional Credit/Debit Cards: High foreign transaction fees and unfavorable exchange rates.
  • Currency Exchange Services: High commissions, less favorable rates, and inconvenience.
  • Cash: Risk of theft, limited acceptance, and exchange hassles.

Introducing Wirewire Africa's Virtual Dollar Card

Wirewire Africa's Virtual Dollar Card is a secure and convenient payment solution that allows you to transact in US dollars while traveling abroad. It's a digital card linked to your Wirewire account, providing ease and flexibility in managing your finances internationally.

Why Choose Wirewire Africa Virtual Dollar Card?

  • Competitive Exchange Rates: Wirewire offers competitive exchange rates, ensuring you get the most value for your money.
  • Security: Your financial data is protected with state-of-the-art security measures.
  • Worldwide Acceptance: The Virtual Dollar Card is widely accepted, making it ideal for international travel.
  • Ease of Use: It's user-friendly and can be easily managed through the Wirewire mobile app.

Why choose the Wewire Africa Virtual Dollar Card while preparing for your UK trip

Use your Wirewire Virtual Dollar Card for various payments, such as hotel bookings, flight bookings, travel insurance, online shopping, and more.

  • Enjoy the convenience of making payments in US dollars.

Tracking Your Expenses: The Wirewire customer app tracks your expenses in real time. Easily monitor your Virtual Dollar Card transactions and view your remaining balance.

Getting Started with Wirewire's Virtual Dollar Card

To start using Wewire Africa's dollar cards, take the following steps.

  • Log in to your Wirewire account or create one if you don't have it.
  • Create wallets for your local currency and USD
  • Deposit your local currency and then swap to USD afterward
  • Locate the option to request a Virtual Dollar Card.
  • Follow the prompts to generate your card details.


Planning your UK visit from Nigeria becomes a breeze with Wirewire's Virtual Dollar Card. This secure and flexible payment solution ensures you can enjoy your trip without worrying about financial hassles.

Say goodbye to excessive fees and unfavorable exchange rates and embrace the convenience of making payments in US dollars with Wirewire.

Make the smart choice today and experience a hassle-free UK visit with Wirewire's Virtual Dollar Card.

Stay connected to our blog for more insights and expert advice on international travel finance. We wish you a most memorable stay in the United Kingdom.

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Best Valentine Gift Ideas You Can Buy Online

Love is an exciting concept; some say it is a buttery feeling that makes you make questionable decisions with a smile on your face; some say it is a strong feeling of support knowing someone has your back, and there are the naysayers who consider it a weakness. Well, to each their own, but we will not be debating what love is or is not in February. We have ten other months for that. The debate we should be having is on what kind of Valentine's gifts to get for your partner or friend.

This blog post will discuss thoughtful Valentine's gift ideas you can get online with a virtual dollar card, especially if you are a working professional who might need more time to shop in person. Though shopping online saves you time, sometimes the gifts can be impersonal if proper thought is not put into it. Listening to your partner and giving them gifts that speak to their needs, cravings, or interests is important.

Here is a list of thoughtful Valentine's gift ideas that you can buy online with the WeWire Virtual Dollar Card;

A Flight Ticket

A recent research commissioned by Amadeus revealed that 77 percent of travellers want to travel in the next year. Is your partner one of the 77%? There is only one way to find out listening! Listen to your partner and find out if they would like to travel, where they want to go, and what kind of trips they would like. Gift them a flight ticket or travel package from agencies like Wakanow and pay with your WeWire Virtual Dollar Card from anywhere.

Customised Jewellery

Neckpieces, rings, and bracelets are cool gifts that can be elevated with simple customisation. Jewellery shops like Pandora, Tiffany & Co, and Boz Jewelry sell pieces that can be customised with your partner's name, initials, or something of nostalgic value. Find something that speaks to your partner and coup it ahead of this Valentine's Day celebration.

Affirmation Frames

An interesting Valentine's gift idea for partners who love words is an affirmation frame. Something that they can be hung up in their space to beautify it and motivate them. Bonus points for you because they will always think of you when they see it. Etsy stocks unique pieces of wall frames that you can shop for online and pay with a virtual card.

Year-long Subscriptions

We live in a time of digital entertainment; the trips to the park or record store and other physical activities are fading into the background while video-on-demand services, music, and game subscriptions are gaining ground. Giving your partner year-long access to their favourite platforms is thoughtful and cute. From Netflix to Mubi, Apple Music, and others, you can either make a one-time payment with your virtual card or set up a recurring payment on the card.

This Valentine, don't be the partner who gives gifts without 'soul' because you don't have the time to shop. Put some thought into it and buy something that sparks joy for your partner. You think about it and let the WeWire Virtual Dollar Card securely handle the payment with a 95% success rate.

Beyond card payments, WeWire remains committed to making sure you can send money across borders without hassle.