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in transaction volume

$50,000 +

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Virtual Accounts

Hold and payout your money into multiple currencies with your Wewire account

Virtual cards for your team

WeWire empowers businesses with virtual cards, revolutionizing operations. Seamlessly manage expenses, streamline payments, and gain control over transactions. Unlock new levels of efficiency and security with WeWire's virtual cards for your business operations.

  • Issue cards to your team

  • Manage expenses

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virtual card

Interested in OTC trading?

We have access to global frontier markets, fx providers and other leading financial organisations to give deep liquidity reach. Clients we serve

Family offices

We support family offices that want to move money across border to make investments, buy assets, etc. More your funds with ease with us.

High net-worth individuals

Are you a High Net-worth Individual? Are you looking to send money to you offshore accounts, make investment or buy assets offshore? look no further. Wewire can support all your needs.


We support all sizes of institutions from Sole Proprietor to Big Multi National Corporations. Use Wewire to manage your liquidity/treasury between your subsidiaries in different markets. We can provide you with name bank accounts in different markets. Use accounts to make payment to your suppliers offshore.

How about cross-border payments for your business?

Wewire enables businesses make cross-border payments with ease and at cheaper rates