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What is a multi-currency wallet

This is an account that gives you access to hold multiple currencies under the same account. We provide our users with NGN, GHS, ZAR, UGX, USD, EUR and GBP fiat wallets.

How does your platform support my Trade Financing?

You can easily upload and insure invoices on the platform. Make payments to foreign accounts directly from your account.

Is it only businesses that can use Wewire?

No, we support private clients as long as they are willing to do trades of $5,000 and above. We support Family Offices, High net worth individuals, etc. Note that we take KYC which includes proofing your source of income.

How competitive are your rates compared to banks?

Our rates are way cheaper than any bank provides on all the trading pairs available We’ve noticed that we are usually 1-3% cheaper than the banks.

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